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Rating Criteria

Puzzles: Maybe the most important part of an escape room, our rating for the puzzles takes into account how interesting and varied the puzzles were, how unique they were, and whether the solutions remained obtuse if hints were required. A good puzzle should make sense if you know the answer, whether you solve it yourself or not. We typically deduct points here for gen 1 rooms as they often reuse elements you’ll have seen elsewhere, whereas newer rooms tend to be more inventive.

Flow: Did the gameplay direct us or were we standing around confused too often?

Theme: This includes not only the decor of the room itself, but also the atmosphere and the immersive. We’re looking for a room that feels like we’re somewhere else, with suitable puzzles.

Host: A friendly gamemaster and a nice waiting area can make a big difference to the game.

Enjoyment: Somewhat subjective – this is a weighting based on how much we enjoyed ourselves in the game.


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Hosts: we will more than gratefully accept complimentary media tickets should you offer these, please get in contact to arrange!

Unless mentioned in a review all games are purchased and paid for.